About Satori Analytics

Changing the world one algorithm at a time.

Your expert partner for advanced analytics & tailored big data solutions.

Satori is a term to describe “the moment of clarity”. We are an Analytics Agency made with one simple vision: To give clarity in decision making, through data analytics.

With teams of data scientists, analysts and software engineers, we have the depth and experience to deliver any data centric solution and connect all the dots, however complicated.

Depending on what your goals are, whether its gaining insight from your data using advanced analytics, building a fast big data infrastructure or creating new revenue streams by monetizing data from your normal operations, we can help.

We live our lives serving our various customers in Athens and London, making the best of the two worlds.

Our services include Big Data platform development, Machine Learning & AI, Simulation, Customer Analytics & Personalisation, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence & Visualisation.

Over the past years our people have been delivering innovative solutions to global brands across multiple industries. Whether it’s a custom big data infrastructure or a machine learning model predicting churn for a leading airline group, we’ve done it.

We aim to deliver deep insights and automate the entire process of using data to drive decisions, whilst at the same time lowering the cost of ownership and optimizing performance.

With a diverse client portfolio we are proud to say we are industry and geography agnostic. Existing clients include global leaders across Europe and Australia in the Banking, FMCG, Travel, Insurance, Marketing and Defence Industries. Here's some of them:

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